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December 1, 2009
I believe in America, children playing in the parks, apple pie and freedom.
There are so many reasons that I believe in this country. Every day I enjoy seeing the old traditions celebrated and regret the traditions that are lost. I love this country for the way people are united. When disasters strike, the nation pulls together and stays strong.
I believe in the brave soldiers that fight for us. For the ones that have fallen, the ones that are forgotten, and the ones never left behind (Semper Fi). All my life I, I have wanted to be a Marine. I plan to attend Notre Dame or Georgetown University and be a part of the ROTC in college. After graduation, I plan to join the military. Despite my family’s wishes, I want to fight for the freedom of America, and if need sacrifice for my country.

I believe that weekend football games, Children with big dreams, teenagers blaring rock n’ roll, and diners that still serve hamburgers and milkshakes should have an essential rule in the culture past and present in America. I believe there should be an American flag hanging from every house and building in the country, the national anthem should be sung every morning and prayers made every night, and bald eagles should soar boldly over the nation.
I believe that America is the land of opportunity. Even people that have nothing but the clothes on their backs can make a life for themselves here. We can live day to day not having to worry about our children’s safety at school, or someone in our family being mugged or robbed. Where a person can get a job based on their merit and skills alone and not based on their skin color or religion.

When foreigners were asked what America means to them they responded freedom, justice, opportunity, refuge, and nationality. When I asked Americans what America means to them I received one unified answer, HOME! I always wondered why my uncle Nadeem came over here from India, when he had a great life in his home land. Nadeem said, “there are so many things that America can promise, freedom is the main reason why refugees try and come here.” I believe are country is a “melting pot” of nationalities, in my family alone there are so many different races and religions. My family members come from various nationalities including: Puerto Rican, Indian, Jamaican, Irish, Polish, and German etc. Not only are they different nationalities but they are different religions too. When my mom and dad got married the two sides loved one another. My mom’s side is catholic and my dad’s side is Jewish, not once did the two sides clash on the topic of faith at the dinner table. There are so many races and religions that are in the melting pot. If different religions and races can live with each other with in one nation, one city, and under one roof, there is no reason why this cannot happen world wide. If people look they will see that America is the land of freedom. Liberty and justice are why this nation goes on. That rule and power don’t exist in one man or one government.

That is why I believe in the United States of America and all it represents.

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