Whats wrong with bein sixteen and pregnant

October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

When you sixteen and pregnent, being experience. It causes your body to go threw changes. It also causes you loose your childhood and innocence.

Being sixteen and pregant can change your life. You have anoter life that depends on you. You can not just get up and go anywhere. A sixteen year old should only worry about what to wear to the schools prom not on what to do if your baby has a fever.

When you are pregnent your body changes. Bein pregnent causes you to gain bout 25 to 50 pounds. Because of the weight gain your body gets strech marks. After having a child you may never loose the weight you gain.
Being sixteen and pregnent causes you to loose your childhood. When all your friends are at the mall or movies you have to either find someone to take care of your baby or not go out. Guys might talk bad about you because you have a baby. Being sixteen and pregnent make a young lady grow up into a young adlut and never have a real childhood .

Point be sixteen and pregnent. Being sixteen and pregnent causes you to give up to much to young. If you can just have fun in a heathly way, I promise you will have more fun now and in the future you will be able to enjoy parenthood. Thank you.

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