Advocacy Letter

November 25, 2009
By Anonymous

As a man who can’t earn enough income to support his children for the clothes you are requiring,
I will not tolerate this dress code. People refer to me as a hobo, and despite the paucity of hobos
in the population, we do exist and try to get our children through school. The duplicity of this
document appalls me. It seems to me that the so-called Board of Education is run by a
bunch of acrimonious people insensitive to hobos. Construe this for me, twenty dollar outfits,
and I only make two dollars a month? Not possible…

I also believe that if the school had kids walking around wearing the same outfits, teachers and parents might find them all distraught. You are going to have to elicit the truth, these kids need individuality and wearing the same clothes isn’t that. Having no individuality is going to be pernicious to these kids later on in their lives.

Never doing work in school is an egregious mistake that cost me my high school diploma, job, and house but my family’s situation has to be dealt with. My only proposal to this dress code is impunity for the select few with bad income.

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