They Say.

November 25, 2009
People say.
You only get used if you let others use you.
People say.
Caring for others is a good thing.
People will tell you.
"hey can you go tell that one person i like them"
The say:
Do onto others as you wish they do upon you.
People say a lot.
Way to much for their own good.

How many people honestly do these things?
can you sit there and remember all the times you paid attention to these sayings?

I gave up.
Because people kinda don't like following examples.
People say Teenagers are terrible.
Frankly im no worst than a Five year old girl on a playground.
Im defensive when my Turf's invaded.
Just like a five year old.
Ill call you names when you annoy me.
Just like the Five year old.
When you do something unfair to me... You'll hear the screams of profanity.

Seriously....this happens.

This man always told me never to care what others think of you.
After all, you must love your self because that's all that matters in the end.

So i've heard.

They tell you "honey i promise you'll make friends"

Which...lets get real is a lie...
Out of everyone you know...s*** out of everyone I know...I can say about 80% of those people are those who say "hey" in the halls.
Out of the 20% 15% of them are the "hey we had a class together last year!" "oh dude sweet!" that leaves what....another 15%

Out of that 1o% its the "I'll call/text/talk to you if I Need something"

Hm the numbers are fading non? 5% i can actually call them Best friends, I can trust 5% of them out of the 80% out of 200 something people i "know". 5% are my ACTUAl friends.

The people who's opinions matter dearly to me. THose are the people who won't USE me for gain.
S*** they won't use me at all.

So people say:
"keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

In todays world i can honestly say i can't tell the two apart.

only a few shine in the dark.

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