The Mystical Adventures of the 8th Grade

November 24, 2009
By HergerWORLDWIDE! BRONZE, Jewell, Iowa
HergerWORLDWIDE! BRONZE, Jewell, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb..." -Edward Cullen!

“Do it right do it light do it wrong do it long.”
- Mr. Grove
I guess I never really took much thought into this saying… I mean I guess no one really ever did haha it really has nothing to do with this biography but what the heck the man INSPIRES ME!, Hi my name is Miriam, to whoever (stocker, young child old women…whatever..) is reading this but you can’t take this first part of sentences for granted this is the important biography about my class of 2014. You see this is just the 3rd story from the other past stories like The Adventures of the Sevies, and The Adventures of the Sevies Part II. We have moved on now, to the mystical adventures of the 8th grade, one of the newest productions from Herger worldwide.
This classic new tale about 3 fun loving girls will take you on a journey of excitement. New York Times has rated it four stars, “Miriam has captivated the young minds and souls of our beloved teens.” The Daily English Article said, “Miriam and Diana had really out done themselves this time...” This story had Started a little like this…

Chapter One 8th Grade
Well all I really can say is that 7th grade is really nothing compared to 8th I miss the good old teachers, but hey we have dr. p now so everything is fine! Haha sometimes I really wonder if you can go back and change things, and if so what would I change? Well I know that I never would have changed me, Diana and Kayla being friends! But If I had the chance what would I change? Haha maybe my parents being a little less strict so that I can ACTUALLY KNOW how texting is like!...
Just kidding man if my parents knew that I said that I would probably get grounded like the last 10 million times! But hey they have just as hard as we do in fact… a bit harder. As you may all know I am Miriam! AKA Mims! As my colleges may call me..Yeah hard to believe right? I try my best! Anyways, there are somethings that I really cant understand like why there are weird people stealing card-board cut-outs of Edward Cullen! No joke I saw this yesterday…the secret like of 8th graders (reminiscing!!!)
There she was… and then they caught her!



Cause I already have mine!

Poor lady, she never got the chance… too bad:) haha oh well. That is just PART numero uno! Of what I have to tell you…

Chapter 2 Christmas Break

Its clearly November 23, 2009 and black Friday is nearly approaching! What to do what to do… I know that last year they killed a poor old man that was trying to open the doors at a walmart, poor man did not make it, stupid people that want to get fancy silverware for low prices… well I can tell you one thing, he isn’t going to be getting it! Hes in a better place now though I guess he can have all the fancy silverware there! I do wonder though does he haunt that entrance?...NAH! now here’s an old school memory!

Herger worldwide

Mr. G raps the oldies…

Mr. G’s warin’ a blue polo, he’s walking down the street and has nowhere to go! So he stops to buy a smoothie Mr. G he is so groovy…

Lol yeah I really do miss those good old days where everyone was actually friends! Lol but hey try to imagine a world were no one was mean…that would be a little weird I’m sure I would be the only rebel and Diana and Kayla would start and then BOOM! Lol hate and love all over again! Hahaha heres another story to add to this story! The other day Diana Calls me and reads me the story I had wrote for her I thought she had lost it or accidentally thrown it away but no she kept it! Haha it talks about MJ, has a bit of our old obsessions, Edward Cullen and Devan Quam! Hahah awesome:)


Edward Cullen:)
lol yes I drew this!:)

Chapter 3 the last chapter
Im sure I had you going on the last chapter huh? Lol nah it will never be im actually never sure when this whole series will end.. but I hope you liked part of your Christmas present! Lol I <3 you Miriam! And I hope you like my little animations!!!

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lol Me and friend mims

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