Ghost Rider

November 12, 2009
By My_Name BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
My_Name BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
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The movie Ghost Rider is a perfect example of an archetypal hero. He made a deal with the Devil that greatly affected his father and the outcome of his life. Even though he didn’t want these powers they were still bestowed upon him. An outcome only a true hero can handle, and the Ghost Rider handled it well. The movie Ghost Rider goes strictly by the archetypal hero guidelines.

The movie starts when he is very young and his father is dying of cancer. He then makes a deal with the Devil to cure his father from cancer. Then, the next day, the Devil mutilates his father in a motorcycle crash. So he must live with this from a very young age. He is left somewhat helpless because he has no family and because of this he lives on his own. At a later age he is summoned by the Devil to do his deeds because of the deal he made. That is where his journey began. He was given a special Ghost Rider chain and motorcycle that only he could use. The Devil, being the supernatural being he is, gave him these magical items to do his deeds.
His main objective given to him was to kill the Devil’s son. But before he could do that, he had to first destroy all of his weaker friends first. After vaporizing them, he then he makes his great journey to the Ancient City. Ghost Rider’s powers were great, but he also had a weakness. He couldn’t go into sunlight or else he would lose his powers. Destroying the Devil’s son in a battle of epic proportions, the Ghost Rider was victorious. The Devil then wanted to take back his Ghost Rider powers and set him free. The Ghost Rider wanted to instead keep his powers to avenge his father’s death and make the Devil’s life a living “Hell”.

Clearly the movie Ghost Rider describes an archetypal hero. All these horrible things that happened to him are definitely life changing. Only a true hero could overcome these obstacles. That is why the movie Ghost Rider is a prime example of an archetypal hero.

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