Christian or Not Christian

November 12, 2009
By waters23 SILVER, Houston, Texas
waters23 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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It was just another chapel day at school. Before school started I overheard Johnny talking about what he did in his Sunday school class how he learned about the New Testament, and how he wanted to become a better Christian. Class had been let out and everyone was filling up the lobby of the chapel. When the teachers started to let people into the chapel, Johnny and all of his friends rushed in to sit in the front row. When the band came out and started to play, Johnny and his friends started to sing and laugh hysterically. When they began to play the next song Johnny said that this was his favorite song, but it was really his favorite song to make fun of. After hearing what he said earlier that day, I could tell that he was trying hard to be a really good Christian.
On Monday Johnny was taking a hard Bible test, which he had not studied for. When it came down to the last five minutes of the test, Johnny decided to pull out the study guide and copy some of the answers. When Mr. Johnson looked up from his desk he saw Johnny flipping through a packet under his desk. When Mr. Johnson found out what Johnny was doing, he escorted Johnny to the principal’s office. After they had their talk on cheating Johnny asked the principal for forgiveness and went back to class. When Johnny got back to class he prayed to God and asked for forgiveness. The very next day he was caught cheating on a science test. After getting to know him I found that he is the most honest person I knew.
The next day in history class we were discussing the topic of slavery. Every time Mrs. Anderson would say something Johnny would say something like, true Christians would never treat slaves that bad. He would also say because he was Christian he was not a racist. When class ended Johnny was walking down the hall when a Mexican boy tripped and dropped his books, and Johnny turned to the boy laughing and called him a dumb Mexican. After hearing what I heard I knew that Johnny was a very anti racist person.
Later that week, on Wednesday, in Bible class James was telling the class about what he thought about Christians who do not go to church. He was saying if you were a Christian and did not go to church then you were a bad person. He also said that if you did not go to church that all of the teachers hated you. Then I found out that he never goes to church. James is the best Christian I know.
On Friday there was a varsity basketball game. We were playing the best team in the conference, and we knew that we would have a challenge ahead of us. This game was go big or go home. If we lost the season was over. If we won we were going to the championship. Before the game when both teams came together to pray Johnny said he would pray. During the prayer Johnny prayed that no one would get hurt and that everyone would play fair. When the game started they were winning 25 to 23. At half time they were winning 40 to 35. When the third quarter started Johnny purposely tripped their star player and hurt him. Johnny was such a fair and honest player.

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