Christian Wait What?

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Well here you are again Paul. Leaving Wednesday night church, and you have a choice you can go home and do homework or go to the party of the year with all of your friends. At this party the parents will not be there because they are on vacation, so it will be a free party. You heard that there will be drinks, music, girls, and all of that trash. At church that night you had just finished a series in your youth group talking about living out the Christian life. You have one choice to live out that life you had just committed to living as a true Christian, or fall into the ways of the world. One night could possibly change you life. You have choices in this world; some people live out what they say they will choose, and others decide to completely act like a different person when they leave the church doors. The question will always be debated whether you teen Christians really live out what you say or not.

You are faced with choices everyday of your life. These choices include smoking, drinking, sex, peer pressure, stealing, and so much more. In church these days any of us teens talk the talk, but we do not walk the walk at all. Leaders ask questions like, “ What does it mean to live your life out for Christ as a godly teen?” The typical answer that you give back to someone that may ask something like this would be, “ To live you life out for Christ means to go to church, do not cuss, keep your purity, do not give in to peer pressure, no smoking, and have a quiet time.” This is a typical answer that many church leaders receive back when they ask questions like this one.

You as Christian teens are so perfect. You do not cuss at all, you always want to keep your purity, you never have lustful thoughts, you are never selfish, you never lie, cheat, steal none of this ever happens to Christian teens. You are so perfect, and totally different from the rest of the teens in our world. You always talk the talk that cussing is a terrible thing to do, and that none of you do it. I am not saying I have never cussed because honestly I have and I asked the Lord to forgive me. Its crazy to me how we always talk about how bad cussing is when truly almost every teen cusses at some point in time. Another example is you try and act like you never have lustful thoughts, always want to keep your purity until marriage, and never want to lay eyes on someone in a sexual way. Well, we as teens all struggle with this believe it or not I know I have before. The church answer is typically, “ I do not look at girls like that.” We all struggle with this problem as teens, but we act like we do not. You sometimes do not even live out what you say. Some of you may be loosing your purity on weekend nights, and then you come to church Sunday and say your life is fine and act like a real Christian teen. Another big topic that you do not live out is the situation of lying. It takes place at school, home, in public, and at church. A lie is such an easy way to get out of something because no one will ever know. These are just some of the many things Christian teens say they live out, but clearly do not.

It just breaks my heart to see teens act like everything is so okay, when it is not at all okay. You are going through things in your life that will come back to haunt you in many ways. Its scary to me because if teens would just be honest about what they are truly going though they could get help from adults, and truly be what they say they are as a godly teen with help from others. This world is a sinful world, where you teens go through so much so early. If you would just be honest as a Christian teen at church, home, school, and in public life would be so much easier because you would be living out a true life for Christ as you walk the walk and talk the talk.

Life is full of choices, and you Christian teens are tools for the Lord at school and in the world whether you believe it or not. I do believe that many of the teens in our world today say they are Jesus freaks, but as soon as they leave those doors everything changes in their life until a week later when they come back to church. It is a pattern that needs to be broken with most Christian teens, and together as one we can make a true difference for Christ in our world.

The author's comments:
People say they are Jesus freaks, but they live out a complete different life. Is this true?

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Recordsen4tr said...
on Nov. 19 2009 at 10:30 am
This article is so true, I see kids all the time like this. Its very sad to watch

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