Christians Need to Act like Christians all the Time

November 12, 2009
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It was a bright, sunny chapel day morning at Houston Christian High School and all the students were very excited for their chapel service after their first class. All the students and faculty at this school are Christian, believe in God, and act like they are Christian outside of school well at least some of them do. There is this one freshman girl named Laryssa at Houston Christian who just quite frankly is a bad seed, she acts like she so Christian while she is in school but when she leaves there you would question whether she was a Christian or not. Laryssa always seemed to be getting in trouble outside of school, but then why very holy and Christian like during school. Everyone was arriving in chapel and sitting in there normally seats whenever I heard a soft melody play from someone’s phone, I look over and it was Laryssa’s. She just simply ignored the call and got back to copying down scriptures to her pink Juicy Couture journal. Laryssa was very active during chapel she would help choose the message of the service, set up chairs, and just anything you asked she would do it. During chapel services she was sings at the top of her lungs with the band and become very attentive during it. However, later that day she went back to her ways of not acting like Christian at the Junior Varsity football game. I saw Laryssa passing around this bottle full of water, but I couldn’t figure out why everyone would want some of it, it was just water right? I looked over to see Bree throwing up after she took a sip of it, after a few minutes of considering the possibilities I concluded that it had to have be some kind of alcohol in the container. During school I would have expected Laryssa to be the one who would take it and throw it away, but actually outside of school she is the person who passes it out.

A few days later I was working on my Spanish project with my neighbor and friend Clay, but somehow we never work and we always end up on iChat on his computer.
As soon as we signed on there was a video request from “christiangirl61” I asked Clay, “Who’s that?”
He responded “Oh that’s Laryssa, lets iChat with her!” Every guy at Houston Christian was practically obsessed with her despite her unchristian behavior, Laryssa was rich, beautiful, skinny, and that was all that mattered. The conversation was very natural and not awkward at all when I noticed she had a Bible in her lap, I assume she was reading it or something.
I popped the question, “Why are you reading the Bible outside of school?” Then I began to hear the same soft melody I heard during chapel a few days prior, “Hold on one second, it is Justin” she responded. “Hello, did you find out we can get together this weekend?” she asked. I could not hear what his response was but I assumed it was no because she then began to yell and cuss at him with a Bible in her lap. “No Justin I do not care how much homework your college professor is assigning you, we are going to be together this weekend! No exceptions!” she yelled. I heard some more mumbling and then she said, “Whatever I will see you this weekend.” She hung up the phone and then turned back to her computer to talk to us, “I am so sorry,” she said. “Justin really frustrates me sometimes, anyway Paige what was your question?”
I answered and said, “Oh never mind I think I got the answer after listening to your conversation.” It was becoming even more and more coherent than before that Laryssa was not a real Christian nor did she act like she was one.
The next day I saw her coming down the hallway with a crowd of guys surrounding her and giggling at every world that came out of her mouth. She shouted for everyone to hear that there was a community service opportunity at the Ronald McDonald House on Saturday, she was going to be there, and so should everyone else. Two of the guys who walking down the hallway with her, one began to tickle and the other grabbed her hands so she could not slap anyone, Laryssa was in so much pain from laughing so hard that she cussed in front of everyone. I thought to myself, what kind of Christian cusses? A few days later it was Saturday and everyone was at the Ronald McDonald House bright and early, everyone expect Laryssa.
I noticed her best friend Tiffany was there so I asked her, “Hey Tiffany, where is Laryssa she was the one who set this whole thing up?
She responded, “Oh Laryssa is not feeling well today, so she is staying at home all day.”
I said, “Okay.” I walked away thinking about whether or not she was telling the truth and then I clicked in my head that whenever Clay and I were iChatting she was talking to Justin about them getting together this weekend. I thought to myself, wow how can you blow off doing the Christian by helping poor and innocent children than hanging out with your college boyfriend?
At school on Monday everyone was showing sympathy for Laryssa since she was “sick” on Saturday and could not go to help at the Ronald McDonald House. She was telling everyone that she had just a twenty-four hour bug and that she was feeling a lot better. It was after lunch and a shy girl named Lisa was walking down the stairs when she tripped down the stairs and dropped her books everywhere. Laryssa and I were coincidently near by whenever the fall occurred, however Laryssa just laughed at Lisa and said, “Move out of my way I need to get my next class.” I was so shocked that she just walked past her without even attempting to help get Lisa’s stuff from spread across the stairs. I rushed over immediately to help her collect her things and took her to the nurse because she twisted her ankle.
Later the night, I decided to make one of my daily Facebook checks just see what’s going on with everyone and what’s new. I clicked on multiple peoples’ profiles before I got to the one that intrigued me the most, Laryssa’s. I looked over in the information part of her profile and it said that she was a Christian with strong beliefs and she even had two scriptures there. I was rather shocked, but then I scroll down to the “About Me” section of her profile and all it says is “Hi I am Laryssa Meyer, I am a Christian and I like to party, hit me up sometime :).” I thought to myself how that was practically an oxy moron, you can’t pretend to be a Christian and then go to the type of parties she goes to. After listening to her make believe tales of how much of a Christian she was, I became extremely aggravated. I think that it is just wrong to act like you are a Christian just for show basically then do other things a Christian wouldn’t do. The Christians of this country believe in the Lord and Jesus Christ and do anything and everything to make sure they please those two powerful people. I believe that we need to fix this society of teenagers that go get drunk at parties then go to church the next day, this needs to end immediately.

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