Doesn't It Know We Are Crying

November 6, 2009
By FluteLovinMeagan GOLD, Tampa, Florida
FluteLovinMeagan GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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Tears flood our eyes, our pockets are dry, doesn't it know we are crying.Day by day poverty has left us with heartaches, back pains, empty houses, and nothing but dread. We fight and struggle, but poverty doesn't care it just pulls us deeper. We are tired of pulling our hair out, we are tired of looking at others and seeing the effects of poverty. Stomachs are empty, cars are now homes, every year poverty strikes us yet again, and each year its worse. Are we going to keep on falling on our knees, poverty is blind, it doesn't see we are crying, so why don't we play a trick on it, and defeat poverty, before its to late, and we have nothing.

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