November 5, 2009
By writer624 BRONZE, Newton, New Jersey
writer624 BRONZE, Newton, New Jersey
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My hypothesis about trees is that if you plant a seed in the ground, it will most likely grow a tree. The only way it won't grow is if you don’t go and water it everyday. A tree needs sunlight and water to grow, that is good because if you plant a tree it makes oxygen.

When we breathe in oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide the tree absorbs it and creates more oxygen for us. Without oxygen we wouldn’t be able to live so if you think about it we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for trees.

There are all different types of trees like Maple, Madorne, and Oak trees. All trees also have certain kinds of leaves. Some trees grow things too. Oak trees grow acorns, Apple trees grow apples, Pine trees grow pine cones and so on. Some other trees grow flowers. Some trees lose their leaves in winter and some keep their leaves, like Pine trees.

There are certain trees all over the Earth. You see they don’t have Northern Oak trees in the south and we don’t have Southern Oak trees up here in the north.

All trees have regular names and scientific names, like a Black Maple’s scientific name is Acernicurm.

Trees are useful because your house is made of wood or lumber and that comes from trees. Paper also comes from trees and your students should use the front and back of all their paper because the more paper we use the more trees we will have to cut down. If we cut down to many trees we will lose oxygen and without oxygen we will DIE.

Trees fall on houses every year because of the lightning when it strikes. There are lots of wild fires that involve trees because trees catch on fire and they are hard to put out when they’re on fire.

Trees have all different kinds of bark like Birch, Pine and Oak. Birch trees have white, flakey barks and Pine and Oak have different kinds.

I just ran out of paper so I won't write anymore because I won't use the back of this paper and it will be a waste of paper and trees.

The End

The author's comments:
This was written by my brother.

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