Packing Perfection for Women

November 8, 2009
Standing in front of the full length mirror in your five star, okay probably three star hotel, you have on that deadly red dress and your attitude is ready for a night out! Oh, but there are issues that have created tiny dampers on your mood. You left your black heels at home so all you have are your worn, black flats. Your hair is a disaster with kinks everywhere because your straightener absolutely could not be jammed into your largest suitcase that is now empty with the contents sprawled throughout the room. There are definite ways to pack, and not to pack, to have a successful trip. When you pack for vacation, you don’t want to leave details to the last minute, you have to know what and what not to pack, and you do not want to pack too little or too much.

Details to your trip are completely essential when packing. Where are you going? Will you be at the beach house out on the east coast or skiing in the mountains? Always know the weather forecast ahead of schedule. This way, you can plan your wardrobe accordingly. If you’re heading to Minnesota during early spring, please don’t pack shorts and tank tops. You and your credit card will find the nearest mall in no time when you realize that spring is still forty degrees in some locations. Who will you be seeing? Your great grandmother or that tall gentleman that knows just how to smile at you so that your insides melt? If it’s your great grandmother, you shouldn’t forget to pack that ugly sweater she specially knit for you last Christmas, but remember to bring along an outfit for your date later that night. Good-lookin’ might not find the sweater as becoming on your lovely figure as grandma does. It is important to give a good impression whenever you head out, and you need to be aware of your surroundings and company. When your trip is meant for business, most of your wardrobe and accessories should be acceptable and show off your style in business, but there should always be time for fun on any trip. On such a trip, you must pack at least one outfit meant for a night out, but remember that others in your profession may also be out so do be conscious on what style of outfit you choose. You shouldn’t want those you have to work with the next morning seeing you as the woman who wore the skintight, mini dress that showed off way more of herself than is considered appropriate. If you are planning a trip that is meant simply for relaxation and fun, remember that you should be comfy! Just don’t overdo it with your sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, big NO-NO when walking through the hallway at a big fancy hotel. That’s considered as tacky as walking around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Before packing, always know where it is you are going, what type of weather to be prepared for, and who you will be associating with.
No matter where you are going, some items are necessities when it comes to packing and some are not. There are four major rules for women to abide by when packing. First, always bring a swimsuit; they are needed whenever you go to a hotel with a pool and when going on a ski trip there is almost always a hot tub at the ski lodge. Secondly, never, ever pack long socks. They are hideous and completely useless unless you are going to Antarctica and need them to keep your feet warm. If you’re going to a warmer climate and you haven’t followed this rule, never wear them with sandals and shorts, ew! Number three, don’t forget the supplies meant for personal hygiene. The toothbrush should be number one on the list; nobody wants to have a conversation with someone who has breath like a cat. Finally, extend objects of personal hygiene to those that make you beautiful, such as make-up, hair products, straigteners and curling irons. These are essential because you never know who you will meet or run into. You could possibly meet Robert Pattinson, or for those of you unaware Edward Cullen, walking down the streets of LA. In other words, always be prepared to impress.
When packing clothing, be careful not to pack too much or too little. This is when you should refer back to the details of your trip. How many days will you be gone and what style of outfits will be appropriate? This is also when the packing really starts. You should begin by laying out outfits in order of how you plan to wear them each day. Try to choose articles of clothing that are versatile so that you can attempt to save space in your bag. For example, a dress with heels can be appropriate for business during the day, and then when you go out for dinner you can make it more casual by throwing on a pair of leggings and a pair of comfortable flats. You should also pack at least one spare outfit in case something goes amiss, such as a last minute date or an additional business meeting. Some days you may need to wear more than one outfit depending on what activities you have planned, but try to limit what you pack to what you need. At the same time, don’t under pack. Just because the flats work with your dress doesn’t mean they will look great like your heels would! You should try to complete your outfits, meaning have accessories that pull your entire outfit together. Don’t think that you have to pack like a man, the bare necessities. Bring along the accessories, such as jewelry and shoes, because they will add to your look. Never feel ashamed of rolling a suitcase through the airport instead of having carryon luggage.
Once your outfits are sprawled out before you and you’ve decided that they are exactly what you need for your trip, you should load it into your suitcase. Make sure to have all personal hygiene liquids packed into plastic bags, and preferably stored in a separate pocket to avoid gobs of stickiness that you won’t want to clean up. In the largest compartment of your bag is where you should pack your clothing. Whatever you do, do NOT just stuff your clothing in. For one, it will create several wrinkles, and you will not be able to find anything without making a disaster of your hotel room. It’s best to fold everything neatly and place them in stacks. Please, do not pack what you plan to wear the first day of your trip at the bottom. This should be very simple if you follow directions, because then your outfits should already be laid out in order of when you plan to wear them. If your bag is on the brink of bursting, then you need to remove some articles that you’ve packed and decide what you really won’t need while away. When you’re packing, it is critical that you leave extra space in your bag. The logical reasoning behind this is the fact that when returning from your trip, nothing ever fits as well as it did when you first originally packed it. If you’re bag is bursting from the get-go, it’ll be more work to get everything back home with you. As long as you have all of the complete outfits that you need, with at least one to spare, and you have the space in your luggage, then you haven’t packed too much or too little.
Remember, always plan to pack according to the details of your trip, don’t forget the critical rules, and know how much is enough. Packing is easier when you know what type of items will be needed and those that won’t be. While away from home, you shouldn’t have to stress over what you have to work with to make yourself presentable, and if you pack correctly you should have a prosperous trip. You should be at ease knowing that you have it all planned out, and that it’s all waiting for you under a zipper. You can be the gorgeous woman in front of the hotel mirror with a complete outfit with a stunning dress made perfect with heels.

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