Mustang Heaven

November 3, 2009
By , Doswell VA, VA
Mustang Heaven

Death is a hard thing. It is a thing that is both devastating and powerful. It is something most fear and some except. But it is also a word; it is a scary word, a horrifying word and an avoided word. In this case it was a word that was hard to grasp and hard to understand. We all new that it would happen, we just hoped that we could keep ignoring it like it was nonexistent.

On April 11 2008, our ignorance disappeared. Our beloved Diva was silenced. It was a terrible and crushing event that we wish could have only been a bad dream. One of the most comforting things was that Vicki our barn manager, and one who both animals and people love, was there to comfort Honey. I do believe that Honey left while Vicki was there for a reason. I think that Honey made sure that she was there so that when we all were told that Honey was deceased, we knew she didn’t suffer, we knew she was content and happy. We still wonder why, well, I cannot tell you why but I can tell you the touching part of what happened. The happy part, the part that turns your tears of sadness into tears of joy.

On this dreadful day, all of the horses in Honey’s field were with her for her final breath. (And we thought no one liked her!) After she had eaten, she made her way to a comfortable and convenient spot, outside of the paddock. When Vicki saw her rolling, she went over to check on Honey. As she entered the field Sugar nudged her toward Honey’s body. Vicki came over and realized what had happened, so she covered up the body and went to go tell Edwin. When she came back Sugar had pulled the blanket off, and all of the horses had lined up to touch her head with theirs. This is their way of saying goodbye.

As Honey was moved over to the burial sight, all of the horses followed in a single file line. This was very organized and unpredictable behavior for our messy and funky girls. The most moving part for me was when the last bits of dirt were lain on her grave, all of our loving girls galloped around the field. At this moment I know that Honey was running with them, completing her dream.

Our dear diva is gone, but we will all know that she is still there, even though we may not see her. And when we could see her she reached her dream, she ran with the mustangs. And she still is, up in mustang heaven.

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