Is it really all glitter and gold?

November 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Like sticks and stones may break my bones, words would never hurt me. We were all raised with questions and no answers sometimes. Parents couldn't even help out because we would tune them out. Moving on is what people tell you to do if you don't have "it" you can just step. Nobody is going to give you second look. Whats perfection in a person? Looks, charm, grace, blah blah all in one? Whats perfection period? Is it all its cut out too be?
Whats the deal with everyone these days, I don't seem to understand this new generation of mindless zombies [doesn't apply to EVERYONE] sitting in front of the television or computer waiting to hear what the latest treads are and instantly being shunned if what their wearing is god forbid different then whats considered "cool." Who has the right to say that if you don't have a few "sexy"[trashy] pictures and your middle finger on autopilot your the weird one. Why cant you still be cool and be YOURSELF?! OK so what if you wont have random guys add you cause of it at least you'll would have some respect for yourself and your real friends wont mind who you are. And here's what I'm also seeing these days, stupid people at a very young age. Its tough seeing the people you used to consider a friend doing that and then ditching you believe me. I still don't see whats the big thing about it. Your just gonna get screwed in the end by it anyway. Cancer is an option. And whats so amazing about getting high? You would only be embarrassing yourself. Why is it so hard just to say NO. I can tell you I would NEVER do that nasty stuff and I don't care if you believe me or not. I found some pretty amazing friends that wont do that stuff either. I'm sure their gonna stick around in my life for a long time. Like I said whats so hard about a simple no? Its easy. Pressure is amazing at pulling people in, but don't people have minds of their own? Why don't they at least try to fight for whats right? Its not cool to look like cheap trash. Bad things happen to stupid people. That's a lesson worth learning. Peace to everyone, im out!

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this was the world around me and how everything is changing and getting more complicated

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