The Essance of Repugnance

The blood red atrocity that sits, grotesquely, in the salad bowl. The ambiguous sphere that is leaks and runs, dripping its insides onto your plate. The nauseating slices that stare at you, daring you to dig your teeth into their revolting center. The vile that are called, tomatoes, haunt you until you keel over with repulsion.

An average tomato contains a lewdness of colossal proportions. The fist-sized food conceals its filthiness beneath its outer skin. If you have been lucky enough never to have seen a sliced up tomato before, a whole tomato might seem fairly appetizing. Once you take a knife to its skin, the tomato enters its wrath. The foul liquid surges out from its center, covering its surroundings in gook. The gaping wholes in its body and its slimy texture reveal themselves. Even if you throw the tomato away almost immediately, it will never let you forget the horror it unleashed.

Be sure to take caution when encountering a tomato. The tomato is a sly and deceitful food that attempts to disguise itself in numerous forms. The average tomato is easily recognized and avoidable. However, you may be fooled once a tomato becomes a “cherry tomato.” This innocent looking cuisine may draw you in, tricking you into taking a bite. If this trick fails, the tomato may try to disguise itself as a “dried tomato.” Without its guts spilling across your dinner, this might appear appetizing. This claim of appeal can not be further from the truth. The dried tomatoes shriveled up skin and wrinkled core will enrage your taste buds and dent your soul. No matter what form a tomato posses, an extraordinary amount of precaution is advised.

The tomato’s appearance is not the only way a tomato can be cunning. A tomato never reveals its true identity. Is it a fruit or a vegetable? The tomato has tricked all cooks into believing it is a vegetable. Many chefs have built their careers based on a lie do to this devious piece of food. The seeds that are hidden under the many layers, covering the tomatoes impurities, reveal its character. The tomato is indeed a fruit, no matter how many times it tricks your taste buds into thinking it is a vegetable. The tomato can never be trusted.

It never fails to disconcert me when I walk past the tomatoes in the supermarket, with no label on the cart saying: Eat At Your Own Risk. Every person involved in the making of this product should be ashamed. I personally could not sleep at night knowing I helped to fill the world with such an atrocious item. Please, take warning and do not fall into the traps of the tomatoes. You deserve better than to take part in the essence of repugnance.

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