October 22, 2009
By TheObserver SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
TheObserver SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Everyone feels it. Some more than others. It this feeling inside us, caused by a death, a break-up, a fight, or your family. We cry and cry and cry, but we still hurt. And there is nothing like pain in this whole world. Its not easy to get rid of ,and it always comes back.
When the pain is to much to handle, we cut, or we take pills, or we even take our own life. Pain can make you do anything. Pain can drive someone crazy. Pain is the most strongest feeling that anyone has ever felt. You can never get rid of pain. Its like a boomerang, you throw it and it goes away for awhile. But it comes back.
Pain can affect others around you. When your in pain, your friends feel it. Your family feels it. I feel it. You cant hide your feelings. And if you bundle them up, they come pouring out sooner or later. Pain inside us is like a black hole. Empty. We try many things to get rid of that empty spot, but its there. And we cant control it.
I would like to say life has a meaning, but for people who are in pain, its useless. Pain is like a demon, and it possesses you. And pain tells you to do this and do that. And it is just leading you down this path, and at the end of that path....suicide. People cant take it, they think if the pain goes away then i will be happier. Thats true, but then they get the wrong idea. They think killing yourselve is the only way to stop pain. And thats how the demon gets ahold of you. And once you keep on thinking that, his job is done.
Once your in pain, you feel like your lost. And no one understands. And all you want is for someone to find you. And take you home where you can be happier. Its like your in a dark hole where its cold, and your alone and scared. But someone comes and finds you and brings you into the light where its warm and your happy. But some people are still waiting for that one person, that one person to come and save them.
So pain can do many things. Its like its alive, and evil. And it grows, the more you think about how bad your life is, the more it grows. You question this and it grows a little. You think, ''why'' , and it grows. Pain is alive, and your letting it grow. It will grow intill the point where you crack. And then it has control over you. So what are we supposed to do? Let it lead us down that path? Or take control? your choice.

The author's comments:
I hope this article speaks to you, like it spoke to me when i wrote it.

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