What is love?

October 18, 2009
By MacKenzie2013 BRONZE, Brewster, Washington
MacKenzie2013 BRONZE, Brewster, Washington
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What is love?
Could it be when the guy gives you butterflys when he says your name? Or is it when he hugs you and you get goosebumbs from head to toe?
I know that love is hard to find and I'm too young for love right now, but I know one thing.
Love can release emotions and cause a lot of stuff to happen.
Whatever happens, happens. Never let love get in the way of your life.
And never let that one guy crush your heart when you have already gotten rid of him.
Just go out there and live your life to the fullest. You only live once.
You can be loved more then once, but only one person will love you forever.
And when you fins that one person, hold them tight and never let go.
Love is a beautiful thing, that can make dreams come true!

-Mariya Dye-

The author's comments:
Well, one day my bestfriend Mariya and I were talking and she told me she wrote this... Once she read it to me, I couldnt belive it! This article really inspired me and this really hit heart! Im so very proud of my bestfriend, she is such a wonderful writter.

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