My ideals about life

October 17, 2009
Have you ever felt like you wanted to feel inspired and encouraged. have you ever felt like you needed a friend to support you and respect your decisions. or have you ever felt like you were alone and didn't have anyone to talk to. well , i always give a piece of my mind and positive attitude. i just enjoy understanding a persons point of view. i'm very honest , so if you needed my help i'll be there in a heartbeat! i know how it feels to be critized , judged , and backstabbed. i've learned so much. those experiences have teached me to learn more about a person just by observing there body language. it only takes me a few seconds to know if someone has good or bad intesions. is an easy task , because people give small signals of their good and bad habits. you just have to be willing to solve the mystery and look into the picture. a lack of intelligence is a diffrence , a lack of self - awareness is equality. intelligence is diffrence from equality because intelligence is the capability of a human being and equality is the privelege and justice of a human being.

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