The Ultimate Snack

October 16, 2009
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Snack foods are an important part of everyone’s life, especially mine. Salty, sweet, fillers, and pleasure items make up the snack world. My favorite is salty snacks. I don’t know what it is about sodium but I can’t resist what it does in my mouth. The ultimate of salty snacks is sunflower seeds. The process of eating a sunflower seed is as satisfying as winning a million dollars. No other feeling in the world can compare to its spectacle. Not explosions, opera singers, or even breaking world records bring a smile to my face as big as sunflower seeds are able to do. They are small and convenient, easy to eat, and delicious.

Whoever thought of pulling the seeds out of a sunflower, salting them, and placing them into plastic bags to pleasure the taste buds of others is a genius. He must have realized after eating one that the world would appreciate what they have to offer. Even though they are small and not very filling, they are somehow addictive. The convenience of how small they play a huge part in why people love them. Easily taken to sports games, eaten while mowing the lawn, and even just sitting at home. At least that’s where I eat them. I can take them anywhere and they always satisfy my craving to snack.

At first, one may find eating sunflower seeds a difficult task to perform. After being a dedicated “seeder” for many years now, I find eating them to be one of the easiest ways to suit a snacking craze. I grab a handful, place them on one side of my mouth, split the shell, remove the pit, and discharge the shell into a bottle or if I'm at a sporting event I have the convenience of the ground to spit on. I usually buy the 1 pound bags and can go through them in a day. Inexpensive and obviously addictive to the point where I purchase several of these bags that only last me a week. I cant stop eating them. The motion of eating a sunflower seed has become so natural to my body that I have legitimate addictive cravings for these things. It is almost like a smoker who can be satisfied with an herbal cigarette as long as he has something in his mouth to bring back the feeling of having it there. Fortunately for me, I can have sunflower seeds whenever I please because of their ease of eating.

The taste of a sunflower seed is beautiful in its simplicity. Salt. That is all the flavoring that one needs. Yes they do have ranch, barbeque, and cheddar but they destroy the sunflower seeds’ original taste. Everyone enjoys the original of everything more than cheap and selfish ploys to mach up an already successful product. I love the taste of an original David Sunflower Seed more than any other food that exists. Anyone who eats them will tell you the same. The way that the sunflower seeds are cooked has to be an incredible process. How do they salt the kernel inside without cracking the shell? It is amazing how I can still get flavor out of a kernel that hasn’t seen any direct seasoning. Whether it’s the natural flavor of the seed or some secret flavoring machine, it is very appetizing. There are absolutely no flaws in the taste of the sunflower seed.

Overall, there is no other product, food, or invention that can top the sunflower seed. It is fitting for any situation, simple, and scrumptious. How can you pass them up? A world without sunflower seeds is a world that I do not want to live in. I am happy that this world is full of them and anywhere I go they are available to me. The seed of the flower of the sun is the best.

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