Why do little kids and dogs hate bath time?

October 16, 2009
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Why do little kids and dogs hate bath time? I hated bath time because I hated soap getting into my eyes when I shampooed my hair. I never closed my eyes, and I always forgot that shampoo hurt when I got into your eyes. I ended up crying all the soap out. I finally realized that it was much less painful when I closed me eyes, and I still do now, as a 15 year old. Some habits from my childhood are still with me. Closing my eyes while shampooing is one. Singing "Happy Birthday" three times while brushing my teeth is another. My dentist told me to sing Happy Birthday three times everyday while I brushed my teeth. I thought it was some kind of magic spell. But now I know that Happy Birthday three times is approximately three full minutes, and my dentist simply wanted me to brush my teeth longer than I used to. It's funny how you can trick little kids into doing good things. haha
Why do dogs hate bath time? I don't know, because I am not a dog. But I am guessing that they know their fur as what we call clothes, and they hate it when they get soaked. Maybe it is like us being washed with our clothes on. Again, I am not a dog and the bath hater might just be afraid of water, but I think that dogs hate bath time because they hate being wet.

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