Fair Heartbreak=Fake Heartbreak

October 16, 2009
Fair. I think we can all agree that this world is far from fair. Heartbreak is never fair; no matter what form it comes in. If the person you’re in love with breaks up with you, someone always get the short stick. Someone always likes someone else more than that someone likes them. When someone you love dies. Sure, they died, that must have sucked; but it’s really worst for the person they left behind.

Fair is an illusion made by the people who get the better half of heartbreak. Fair does not, has not, and never will exist. But it’s okay, because you won’t always get the jagged end of heartbreak. One day a heartbreak will come along and you’ll realize that this one doesn’t hurt as much as the others; it will still hurt (like heck, no doubt), but it will hurt just a little bit less. And that day you’ll think to yourself “I guess I got the better half.”

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