Just Another Misconception

October 14, 2009
By Thorton BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
Thorton BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
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plain and simple,

was there ever something you wished you could tell somebody,but shouldn't?
it's hard to show that person, how you really feel..and when words can no longer
express it. you do not know when to say it without being turned down or halted by unimaginable hostility. you want that someone to know..yet you don't. you don't know how they would react, if they will keep talking to you. If you're so sure of something. yet so.. hesitant to let it out. in your head it all seems clear but once you try to word it. it is quite the opposite. As if your mind and mouth are from two different sides of this every expanding universe. You are sure of what you have put up with, you are sure of how you feel. But for some reason you are scared to say it. To get over this overwhelming feeling of a flying stomach. It's unfortunate, but, you are glad you haven't spoken those words to
that person. It's unfortunate that they do not know how you feel.

It feels like im trying to climb a wall made out of nothing but rock and oil. You see the
ledges to grab on to. To take you higher. Yet when you try for them, you just end up slipping. Falling farther from your goal, all the while you are relieved it hasn't been achieved yet. Sometimes it is for the best that you have not spoken these words.
At some points of you're life you wish you said it. You regret the unspoken. You mourn the missed opportunity. But, from that poor misconception you call a mistake. Comes more chance, more ledges to grab onto, even if you just end up falling. It makes you try harder. Enables you to focus until all the oil has been wiped clean from that arduous attempt.

I sometimes find myself wondering, what if.

What if i told that someone. What if they accepted it and took it in as a new opportunity. Rather than the common burden? That is an answer no one ever knows. No one is ever sure of. All you know is the fact that you want it to be known, you want that someone to feel what you feel. You know they do. Yet you still
find yourself questioning. What if?

I have no doubt that the merciless breaking of this ominous yet familiar news will
prove to be great. But...there is always that "What if?"

That someone knows how i am, knows how i feel. But not to the full extent. There is so much potential to be discovered yet, so much hesitation that prevents it. The common solution would be to just suck it up and move on. Get out with it already. But, it is never that simple. The emotional bond that is held between this someone is worth
so much more than the common solution. It is worth waiting and fighting for.
Only then would it truly be worth it. Worth all the doubts, the hesitation. The missed
chances and the unknown answers. Everything will come together in unison, and create
the happiness worth waiting for.

SPEAK your mind, people tend to over think the most simplistic of predicaments. Do not be one of those people. Do not think nor act on what you believe to be true or right. Listen to the ever-beating song of your life keeper. It knows what you want and need. Knows your fears and hopes. It is the one, that truly knows right from wrong. The purpose of the brain is to counter-act that function. To be the virus that quickly spreads and duplicates by magnitude.

Once you let it in, it never leaves.

Follow what IS right, not what you think or know. That itself, is a misconception.

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