Such a Wonder

October 12, 2009
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I am sitting in the middle of the carpet, shocked at the state of my ear plugs. It was tore to pieces. I looked over to see my dog slowly crouching his way to me. I rolled my eyes. There was absolute zero point in getting mad at my dog. He was going to keep on chewing things up anyway. I pieced together the ear plugs as I thought about the importance of the ear plugs to me. They were my only chance of escape when my neighbors put on extreme loud music at night. (I called the police that time.) Also, they were the answer to my question of what I’m getting my mom for her Mother’s day present. Even though ear plugs might not seem the most significant thing to buy at Fred Meyer, it’s always in my grocery list. Sometimes I like to just buy them, squish them, and see it slowly bloating itself. I even hold a contest between two ear plugs to see which one can bloat itself up faster. If you think about it, ear plugs can be such a wonder. No matter how much you squish, stomp, spit, on the ear plug, it will slowly turn into it’s original shape. I guess that’s the same with life. There are many obstacles that will stomp, squish, and spit on you, but if you have the will, you can withstand it, and get back up. I want to be like an earplug, something that has will and potential power. I believe that every human being can be strong if they try. Everyone can be an earplug. Yes, it does sound awkward to say this, but be that object. Or be even, be more extraordinary. After all, we are extraordinary creatures aren’t we?

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