October 9, 2009
Dream..., sure go ahead and do it, but it won't do any good if you remain in leisure, motionless. No dream is impossible I can guaratee it. If you assume you've reached the tallest mountain, good luck because someone out there is striving fot something more outstanding. There isn't such thing as what everyone calls the highest point because improvements can always happen and disasters are just waiting to see if they can destroy what you intended to do. Work hard for your gargantuan dreams, for nothing in life worth working for is simple in grasping. Never give up on yourself because you aren't the best. Challenge yourself both physically and mentally for the obstacles that you soon may face on this planet. Life is what you may percieve of it so chase your dreams because even your own self can inspire a million without you even knowing. Don't be afraid to follow the path of a numerous amount of mistakes because with each error and consequence faced, there is a lesson revealed like the missing pages of a book.

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