How much character do YOU have?

October 2, 2009
"How much character do you have?"

It's not about how much character of what I have, but what YOU, have. And the only one stopping yourself from achieving that personality is YOU. You can basically recieve any kind of personality you desire, but believe me, mistakes and errors will block your path to victory, and their practically invisible.

You have to watch out for them, if you stumble upon an obstacle, avoid it next time, and you'll progress to 100% in accomplishing that goal of character. I've made countless errors, and you know every action has a complete and opposite reaction. (Thanks, Newton!) So if you make a mistake, that reaction will say that you have to try better! We're humans, it isn't unnatural. It's common for us to make mistakes.

You can't give up, I'm sure this paragraph might not motivate you enough to get your brain working toward that wonderful gift of yours, but please be remindful of this: "There's only one thing that can gaurantee our failure, and that's quitting." - ? Everything has a solution and NOTHING is impossible, with enough patience, any achievement is possible! Quitting doesn't mean anything to your character, you're only placing yourself in this harmful location. Your effort stands out when you refuse to quit, which shows indeed courageousness.

Nothing can stop you, you're powerful to obtain that goal, and not even a gigantic gorilla can stop you! The power is in YOUR hands, make use of that potential..

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Aliyah G. said...
Oct. 15, 2009 at 8:16 pm
plus, I cant sleep anymore and i have bags and havent been eating that much anymore. :(
Aliyah G. said...
Oct. 15, 2009 at 8:12 pm
You know, I have a lot of personality. I am very imaginitive, too. But I moved once and missed my old friends from my old schools. Then I moved again and made friends quick and was being my normal self. But then, I just moved again this time to a whole nother state!!! and I really miss both sets of friends from both neighborhoods. Plus here its just like completely different. I've been here since last september and I'm actually the shy kid, now :( I dont know ow it happened. I miss bei... (more »)
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