Memories on a Plate

September 24, 2009
I was once asked, “What are memories?” My response was, “Memories are pearls on a plate inside us.”
Since memories do not have a physical shape, a pearl is a nice comparison since they are precious just like how memories are precious to us, no matter if it is bad or good memories.
The pearls are placed on a plate, but there are also pearls around the outside of the plate. The reason for this is because of balance. If one has too many pearls on their plate and they are looking for a particular one, then it will be difficult to find, unless some pearls were cleared away. The pearls outside of the plates are the ones forgotten or lost. The ones on the plates are the ones you still remember. This is also the fact that the pearls need to be balanced. Balance is everywhere in the universe, that also includes our memories.
Just like there are fake pearls, there are fake memories. Now, “How can memories be fake?” Memories can be made through dreams and imagination that is if it is strong enough that it becomes a memory. An example is if a person has a horrible childhood memory, they can use imagination or dream about something that over powers that childhood memory to escape it. If the imagination and/ or dream is powerful enough, later in the future, it may be recalled as a memory instead of what it really is, a dream or an imagination.
However, if the fake pearls aren’t taken care of, it will upset the balance and it might become harmful to the owner and to those around the owner. Thus, it is important to keep in mind, the good and the bad memories, no matter how bad it is. It is okay to escape from the horrible memories, but they are still important since they make up who you are as a person, as long as they are in their proper place and not on the plate of memories.

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Oct. 6, 2009 at 10:11 pm
i like this idea. your thoughts of how memories can be like pearls is interesting. one thing you could do more of is explaining the significance of the plate, and expand on your definition of the "fake memories." take your original concept and expand it. then you have a 4 or 5 star piece here!
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