What do You say?

September 23, 2009
By allyangel BRONZE, Corinth, Mississippi
allyangel BRONZE, Corinth, Mississippi
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when all think alike noone thinks very much.

Everyday we talk to others. But what do we say? A girl in the hall falls do you stop n help her and ask if shes okay, or do you point n tell your friend shes a clutz and laugh? Your mom calls and asks you to pick up some milk on your way home you say sure no problem or tell her UGH, why me why cant you get it? What are you using your words to say? To lie or tell the truth? To heal or to destroy ? Words of love or words of hate? Whatever you say is your choice! Noone makes you say something YOU make that decision. Once you say something it's out you can never takE it back. There is no erasing the words you say. So please use your words wisely, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

The author's comments:
im tired of people telling me " I didnt mean to say that I didn't have a choice it just came out."

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