Touch screen

September 17, 2009
Recently while I was updating my blog I happened to look at the question of the day.
It asked what do you think of the idea of making a touch screen PC? How would it improve or worsen the PC?
I thought it over and here is what I have to say.
Well, first of all my screen would be ruined by yucky finger prints! I would eventually no longer see the screen which makes the whole point of it useless.
Then I have noticed that when I have used a touch phone it doesn't always click. It makes me angry and I have to click/tap harder. I would in the end get angry and whack the screen off in my attempt to click on something.
And lastly, I have an odd habit of putting my laptop on chairs and sitting on it by accident. Id end up doing a lot of butt emailing, which would just be embarrassing to have to say “My butt emailed you, I didn't mean I thought your performance was fhdihfevih.”
So maybe the computer world would be revolutionized by the touch screen PC, but ill stick with a good old mouse and clicker.

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