Feed Back: Fad Diets by Mollie Stampfler, Plainwell, MI

September 24, 2009
By xoxoshelly101 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
xoxoshelly101 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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I want to give kudos to Mollie Stampfler for writing this article, because not only was it well written, but it talked about a very sensitive, yet serious subject that our society faces today. While reading this article I realized that it was basically describing my lifestyle. Just as the article said, with all of the magazines , movies and celebrities, teens, including myself feel that it’s not ok be average, but you must have that “perfect skinny body.” There have been so many instances where I have gone on two day diets, but then after those two days, ate recklessly ruining all the work I had done. To add on, there have been times when I have subconsciously sucked in my stomach, or hesitated to show my legs, when in actuality, there was nothing wrong with my body. After reading this article I have realized instead of these fad diets, I can just have a balanced diet along with daily exercise and I will be healthy, and also fit.

The author's comments:
I really enjoyed reading the fad diets article

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