Double Standards

July 30, 2009
By Anonymous

So my cousins and my fathers side of the family has huge double standards when it comes to me. All my cousins are older, like from 25 to 30. Anyways they go on vacations with their girlfriends and their boyfriends. One got her belly button pierced without her parents even knowing when she was 17! They all say.. “You get a boyfriend I will break his legs.” “No my daughter isn’t going anywhere with her boyfriends. (referring to themselves in the future)” they all go away with their girlfriends and boyfriends! Italy, Jamaciaa, California, Las Vegas and when I get to that age if I want to I cant?! I am not saying I will or I plan to or anything but I might WANT to one day and when they say no or give me a lecture how can they do that when they did it!?! I mean I am not saying that I want to go to Itlay and Vegas and stuff with a boy friend or anything but it bothers me when they go “Ill break his legs. Ill kill you. You aint going anywhere with a boy.” Bite mE!!!! you are NOT my parent and its up to them not my cousins or my aunts or my uncles. My aunts and uncles oh they say the same thing! Don’t get any ideas about going away with a boy I am going to follow you on a date.” Blah blah. Meanwhile they let their kids do it! Now one cousin got a belly button piercing when she was seventeen without mom knowing. I simply mentioned that hip piercings are cool since one of my friends sisters was doing it. I got a lecture! “Don’t you ever do that! Its disgusting and gross and you could get a bad infection!” no joke! Did I say I was going to do it no. I said she was going to do it! Relax. I Am going to get a nose stud and a wrist tattoo though. But I like nape and tounge rings and hip piercings would never get one because I am major chicken but I like them and I like tattoo’s as well. My cousins need to chill really now. I hate double standards.

The author's comments:
Please give me comments please please please and has this ever happened to you? i hate it so much and that is what would make a kid reble dont u think? just like they experienced life i need to and make my own mistakes

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