May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

One thing that i am concerned about is my family. Im worried because my dad left for South Korea two years ago and our family kinda fell apartwhen he got back and while he was gone. I know this because ever since he got back our whole family argues more and more, like me and my siblings and me and my parents. One thing that caused us to fightare I tend to yell at my siblings and boss them around when I dot
realize it so we get in a argument then fight, then that causes my parents more problems. Another thing that causes arguments between us are grades. I had bad grades for my 1 semester because i had knee surgery and fell behind school work and didn’t catch up in time. Which caused more fighting and arguing which made me feel bad knowing that I was the cause of everything so I killed myself mentally for awhile. Until I realized that it wasn't completely my fault and that id get my grade up and ill do well next semester.

Some things that I figured I could do is not fight with my siblings thatwould make everything easier for my parents and me. Some ways I got to realizing what I was doing was telling my siblings to give me a warning when I was being bossy. That started helping by decreasing the amount of yelling that was going on in the house.

A plan that I had for parents is I want them to go out to a very nice dinner while I stayed home with the kids to babysit. That way they wouldn’t have to worry and they could have a nice relaxing dinner to sit and talk. Another thing that I want them to do at dinner is since my dad was gone they kind of lost there special connection. But I think if they worked hard they could get that back and it would be three times better. I want them to go because I love both my parents to death and I never want them to spit up even though I know they wont, because even if u have hard times you work through them. The one thing that can be really special to me is when I spend a lot of time with my parents. That really special because I think if you don’t spend time with them u dot get along as well. One thing that has been really really special was the other day I spent seven hours with my mom. Thats the longest time i’ve ever spent with my mom because I am always with friends and never at home. So that was special for both of us because we like spending time together. What we did while we were together was we went shopping for awhile and then after that we went to eat dinner. We went to Hacienda and had mexican food it was really good. We always eat there though because we know the people and they’ll sit and talk with us.

Another hard thing now is that my dad is in the police academy. So now he is gone a lot and he gets home late but has to leave early in the morning. Im happy for him though because this is something he has wanted to do for a long time. But he is really good at what he does because he was in the air force for 20 years and has the right training and can solve problems. One thing that I like is that now we get to help him with his job like cleaning his gun and getting to go shooting with him. He also gets a brand new nice car that well get to ride to school and sit in it to go places in.

I’ve started getting along better with my siblings cause we’ve gotten older and more mature so we don’t fight as much. And now that we get along more we an stay home alone and not fight. My sister has gotten better to she used to hit and pinch and yell but she doesn’t anymore cause she’s tired of being yelled at. And my brother doesn’t think he’s all that anymore and he knows when to pick a fight and not to. He also doesn’t argue with you when he thinks he’s right. He kinda just says I don’t care and
he’ll ignore you or he’ll go and tell my mom that I was picking on him. Then I get in trouble. My sister does the same thing to so I cant always ignore them because they do the same thing but my sister doesn’t do it as much.

Now that I am writing this and show my family I think things will be better and I know it will once my dad is done working cause hell be home more. So everything will get better.

The author's comments:
this piece was something i wrote in language arts class for a beginning topic once we came into class and im glad i wrote i.

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