It's Your Time Under The Spotlight

August 5, 2009
By audrey madden BRONZE, Sonoma, California
audrey madden BRONZE, Sonoma, California
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Why do some people take things so seriously. Everyone nows that what the average person is stressing out about these days is the exact opposite of what we should be progressing on in our world. And then us youth come walking in the door with our future hanging from our fingertips. But not once do you ever see children and teens
telling their parents which candidate should be elected for president and them actually changing their minds right there on the spot. Why is it that most of the time we listen to are parents and friends speak of politics, money, and what is right or wrong. why do we want what are parents want. we are the future. yes, are parents are good to get advise from and to grow up on but pretty soon we’ll have the same decisions to make and we might make the same mistakes as well. Just think, in 20 years from now are kids will be the runner ups in taking care of the world. we first need to help our parents see the point and then we can start worrying about how your little brother is going to get home, or what shoes you are going to wear with that
beautiful sweater. And maybe, we will be able to be handed off the responsibility of generations with a clean pallet. So remember... us kids may not have a huge impact on the world yet, but are time to shine is not that far off.

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