Aliens, Maybe

July 22, 2009
By Daisygirl18 BRONZE, Flower Town, Florida
Daisygirl18 BRONZE, Flower Town, Florida
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Every year people claim to have been abducted by aliens. Others claim to be part of alien experiments. Most of us would classify these people as crazy, but what if you saw a U.F.O.? These “crazy” people may be on to something.

First off these extraterrestrials have to live somewhere. What about Mars? There are polar ice caps on Mars, which in other words means water which is needed to support life. There is also a picture accidentally released by N.A.S.A. of what looks to be a skull. That skull is claimed to be an aliens. Mars is also the closest planet to Earth and may be able to support life. Its temperatures are mild and light from the sun reaches it about the same time it reaches Earth’s.

There are also so many places to look for aliens because space is an infinite place. Scientists try and look wherever they can. Especially the billions of stars out there, not to mention the countless galaxies. Scientists have tried to contact them many times. Even at one point music was gathered up and sent into space trying to get aliens attention.

So we know aliens could be out in space, but what about right here? There have been many reports of aliens visiting Earth. Strange markings on the arms suggest that aliens have been doing their experiments on us. Their visits seem to only come at night with visions of bright lights. One person even said that they dreamt of an alien head seeming to float over her.

But could aliens really exist? I mean, we don’t have that much proof. Some U.F.O.S are claimed to be fake and made up for excitement or attention. And some tapes don’t show actual proof of U.F.O.S, just a random flying object in the sky. And what about abductions, can we really believe these people? How they talk about the aliens strange ways and what they do to them. Can we really believe them?

All in all it begs the question: Are aliens real? I’ll answer that as maybe. There is a possibility thanks to the chance of being life on Mars, abductions, and the endless space. Just remember that it is not definite and one day we will find out but intill then we are stuck guessing.

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