One Beautiful Soul

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

They are the only ones who comfort me. I am the only one who loves them. Three beautiful souls with love, comfort and personality. Three souls that have been hurt but still love. Three wonderful uses of human life. From heart to heart they care, but just can never seem to let go.
Their love is unconditional. They send little love notes to and fro. They go here and they go there but never forget the ones they love and adore. Their hugs embrace you and never let go. This is how they keep us close.
They never let one of us forget why we're here; they continuously live to protect each and everyone. I love you is what they teach us ever day.
When I get down and round they keep saying I love you. I am one person but yet have the world in my hands. When I have nothing left to remember I can just look back. To realize that I have been loved since I was their world. The five of us is all we need to be loved.

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