June 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Seattle. SeaTown. The Emerald City. Pac NW. I have a very special love. I love it because it's not saturated with people, no celebrities, no gang violence, no hate, and that is what makes Seattle the great...est city on the west coast. You never see children getting shot dead in the street before they even reach the age of 12. It’s because of our culture, our ideals, the things that we have adapted. Seattle culture is no like culture you will find anywhere else. We love art, art is life, thousands and thousands of people make their living making art. The Ave. My favorite spot in all of Seattle. Right off of Cap hill and Broadway. UP is located there, great art by local artists, local company, so you know it's real. Keep traveling down The Ave and you see more art, real art. Not mass produced commodities by fat cat companies in it not for the true expression through art but for the true expression through money. These are the cats that ruin people’s lives. Right around the corner, right off The Ave, you got Tubs, an abandoned store turned into a masterpiece. A historical monument. Covered in graffiti (which is an art)! Covered by the greatest, praised by the greatest. Tags from people hailing all over the Pac NW. It is a place where everyone can come together to share something beautiful. The people you meet in Seattle, the people who have truly absorbed the culture share a similar love. They express this by the way they walk, they way they talk and act, they express this however they can. Move on down, you find yourself at Pike Place, the waterfront. All sorts of stores selling, jewelery, food and other crafts. Things that are truly one of a kind. I love it here in Seattle, all Seattleites love it. We have a very special love.
Don’t ever try to bad mouth us, saying the North is wack, they are obviously selling hype. They say that we have turned into some of the other candy-*ss cities, everything there is fake, infested with fake people, wearing the clothes created by fat cats, not expressing themselves because the “real them” has been lost in a pool of lies. If we weren’t real, then why do we create culture, thrive off ourselves, feed off the west coast. Why are we notorious? Dope? Fresh? Ill? We say hella tight. I’m never going to leave, where am I going to go? New York, L.A., San Fran? Saturated with people, saturated with violence and hate, true San Fran has culture, but there culture is different, centered around different ideas and beliefs, different then mine, but they still get love because they stand by their beliefs. L.A. has gangs, and hate, you can get shot for wearing the wrong color, looking at someone the wrong way or saying the wrong thing. New York, they got great baseball and the most expensive homes. I’m not that rich, I can’t live there, plus I heard the people there are uptight… I love it here and I’m never leaving, I’ll build my family here and build more memories. This is Seattle. The Emerald City. Located in the Pac NW.

The author's comments:
My feelings on the greatest city in the world Seattle, Washington.

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JackI2 BRONZE said...
on Jun. 6 2010 at 5:39 pm
JackI2 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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We da best-dj khaled


on Jul. 16 2009 at 8:19 pm
Hallie Messenger BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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owww!!! How can you not love Seattle?

It's sorta kinda, one of the best places ever.

From a fellow Pacific Northwesternian

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