June 16, 2009
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To quote Shai Linne "out of all the human emotional pains the most hurtful pain is unquestionable the pain of loneliness". During the great depression families could definitely relate to this pain.

In this time men felt hopelessness and uselessness. Many men were physically detached and estranged from their wives and children looking for opertunities to keep working. The realization that their families depended on them to survive put pressure that no one besides them selfs could comprehendor even begin to understand. Because of lonelines, alcohol and suicide were common alternatives to dealing with life. This put enormous pressure on wives.

Wives that had been socially active all their lives, were too embarrassed and depressed to speak or see any one. Lack of food affected the appearance of many once beautiful women. Many children were at a young age had no choice but to quit school help out in any way they could especially if there was no father in the house hold. Adolescents during that time were deprived of their childhoods. The loneliness of a child looking out the window of a factory and seeing their old school friends playing without the worry of work or how they would eat that night.

The depression was a time in history where life was unbearable to many Americans. A life of loneliness is a life not worth living. To avoid loneliness there are many options. Make friends, step out of comfort zones, or find God.

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Kristen L. said...
Jul. 9, 2009 at 5:46 pm
Marvin, please submit more I love the way you write and it saddens me to have only 2 things of yours to read.
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