May 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Virtually two-thirds of the population learns best in a visual manner, so it is no surprise that the media swarms over an ideal human body. They highlight certain physical characteristics such as curves and definition, but are these really the correct points to judge how good a body is? I think not.

A good body should be capable of completing the necessary tasks to survive. This requirement should differ from one profession to another. A Marine-core sniper shouldn’t have the same build as a cubicle worker and a pianist shouldn’t have to look like a talk-show host. The range in job type is so enormously vast that it should be seen as impossible to find an ideal body. The closest thing to perfect would be an average type that at least met a few points in every job, but a mediocre employee is the last thing today’s media would deem outstanding.

A good body should be attractive and draw attention. The problem is, who’s attention should it draw and who should it attract. Preferences differ from person to person so how can one body satisfy everyone? The spouse of any random person may be found in the last issue of Sports Illustrated or in Ripley’s Believe It or Not as “Worlds Largest……”. Once again, the variance in opinion makes it irrefutably impossible to pick, leaving us with only one answer.

There is no perfect body. By name it must please literally everyone, and that just won’t happen. Too many people have too many options and the list of favorites changes each time a new option is introduced. In conclusion, why try to find a perfect one if we know it is impossible?

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