The Effects of Television Drama

May 26, 2009
By greeny7 PLATINUM, Chatham, Other
greeny7 PLATINUM, Chatham, Other
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Why a person watches TV? I honestly don’t know. Something controls my hand to touch that remote every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night of the week, every night from 8 till 10. Maybe it’s the sense that I would belong better in that world. The drama seems easier to handle or all the glamorous parties and extravagant money makes my life seem like a wreck. Maybe it’s the fact that I get so lost in the world of Tee Hill that I can somehow forget all my troubles and problems and not think about what’s bothering me. For that one hour, my mind is focused on one thing only. It seems like a mystery, the way my mind can wander from one thing to another but somehow stay still for those episodes and focus on unimportant yet interesting in addition divulging story lines. Movies aren’t the same. You have the few same characters for a few hours, but that’s not enough time to relate with them. Knowing next week, I’ll feel their pain and forget my own, makes TV so much better. I’ll follow the mysteries, the medicine as well as who’s dating who and in some way the future of Tree Hill seems so much better and exciting than my own. Because that next episode is so much closer then when I go off to college or university, or when I get a major job doing what I love or when I start my own family. I can watch episode after episode or the same one over and over and it leaves me wondering what will happen next, daydreaming of what their life is like. It’s true these are fictional characters, but they are so much more than that. It’s the actors reacting and feeling the character’s real emotion and the way they show it so well on TV, you know they can relate. If an actor can relate to a fictional character than so can the viewers at home. I’d love to have that job someday, to portray a character so well and touch everyone’s lives, to make them cry during that heartfelt performance. Maybe this is why it’s important to tune in every week. We’re learning how to take their problems and take their ways of solving then apply this in our own lives. Because, if their lives look so luxurious and any dilemma is solved sooner than our own, the characters (therefore the writers) are writing about what is important. Maybe not about how to save our planet or about the war in Iraq (although some do) it’s about dealing with our emotions. Even though, TV is all fictional and the way they resolve their predicaments is not the same as what we can do in our real world. However, it’s nice to try, to give us hope, to watch that same person go through that same breakup where no one understands or that child who takes the role of a parent now and then reminds us that we are not alone.

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ziggy said...
on May. 19 2015 at 12:39 am
i hate watching drama, i lost a little of me every time i watch em. they affect me negatively. and when it happens, it happens for a long time. the best kind of movies are the ones with a happy ending. they give me hope and courage.

on Jan. 15 2013 at 4:28 pm
I agree that TV dramas are relatable because they include some personal experiences and ways in which you can deal with them. For example family related dramas, you can easily relate to them although they may be fictional, where as ones with a genre of sci-fi are much harder to relate to. However i disagree with the fact that some of the content in a TV drama is very fake and unrealistic so therefore we watch it just for amusment. Over all i definatly feel that we all can relate and some how learn from TV dramas. 

zandie-lion said...
on Jan. 15 2013 at 2:18 pm
I think we all watch tv dramas to escape ordinary day to day life and run away from all our worries, problems and stress. Admit it, we all love a bit of drama in our lives and if we can't get a "live" view of it, we just simply watch one of millions of tv dramas. The most common tv drama is crime, as it leaves us on a cliff hanger and leaves us jumping from suspect to suspect. I personally love tv dramas as they are just something, unordinary to our day to day lives. As many of us do not live in a town or a city, we do not suspect crime dramas and when we watch them on tv, its like BOOM! This is intresting, or its just "oh, nothing better to watch, just watch this for a bit" and it does get the attention of the viewer and you can just sit there enjoying it and when that episode is finished, you crave for more.

on Jan. 13 2013 at 5:40 am
I think this person has put a lot of detail into their reason for watching television dramas. I think in a way the are correct, we do watch television dramas to escape our everyday problems, we do wish to be someone on the televison and have their life and whatever else. However, we also watch tv dramas as they are intresting and we enjoy being left on the edge of your seats.


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