Single Mothers

June 12, 2009
By Natasha Chapman BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
Natasha Chapman BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
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“Mama’s baby and Daddy’s maybe”; that’s a quote my mother has been using my whole life. It means a mother is always going to be there for her child, but there is only a possibility that a father will be there. There is a large population of single mothers in the world. In 2005 the number of single mothers in America was 89.9 million according to the U.S Census.
There are mothers all around the world who are taking care of their children alone. There could be numerous reasons why a mother is parenting alone. They could be divorce, widowed, or just fathers who are not taking responsibility. I feel it’s the deadbeat dads that not doing what a father is suppose to. I know lots of single mothers, young, middle aged, and even old. I feel that all fathers should take responsibility of their actions. When people lie down and have sex they all know what could possibly happen.
I am a daughter of a single mother of 10 children and twins on the way. This is not an easy job at all, it’s like it never ends. Instead of it getting better it only gets harder and worse” says my mother Cantrice Costin. My mother had her first child at the age of fourteen and now at the age of 33 she has 10 children. She is a very strong woman and takes care of every last one of her children alone. It saddens me because these women try so hard to take care of children while the fathers are married to other women, incarcerated, or just living the happy free life with no obligations.
I am sick and tired of this and it needs to be stopped. Every man in the world who has a child should be put in jail for not taking care of their seeds. If they didn’t want any responsibilities then they should not have had sex, it takes two to have a child and it also takes two to raise a child. Every child needs a father in their life because life is hard. As a teenager of a deadbeat father, I am 17 years old and there is still plenty of times I wish my father was in my life like he’s suppose to be. He feels that calling me twice a year that is being a real dad. I don’t think so. A father is suppose to be there for his kids games, play ball wit their sons, scare boys away for their daughters, be there and see their daughters on their prom night, give sons the father son talk about the birds and the bees, etc but most of all love them and make sure they are safe and feel loved.
I honestly don’t think the issue of single mothers in the world will ever be fixed but I am happy to say I am proud of all single mothers and want them to just keep their head up. Just like my mom says “mama’s baby and daddy’s maybe”. That statement is so true but should it be?

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