Definitions of a Generation

June 10, 2009
By Godisgreat<3 BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
Godisgreat<3 BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
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"Forever and ever babe"

Today's society is filled with nonsense of all kinds. Nobody looks at the real picture anymore. Like for example when parents or even elders of the world put a stereotype on each of us "teenagers." Our generations known as so many words;
1:pot heads
Okay so if each of us could back this up then obviously there's proof. But we are just as unique as every older person out here. People make this generation out to be a failure, but we have just as much potential as anyone. Some of us just choose not to put it to good use. Why? Well some would say because we just "don't feel like it" or it's just that they can use any excuse in the world to cover up the real reason. This world's not so pretty anymore, so when we make that excuse up, yeah I guess it does make us look "lazy" or "unemployable." But from my opinion we all are worth something and have some kind of difference we can show the earth. I think us as a whole have to make a contribution to get the acknowledgement we want.

The author's comments:
I feel as if this is my true opinion on how the world really sees us "young ones"

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