Double-Trouble, I Don't Think So!

June 7, 2009
By CcSunSh1n3 GOLD, Toronto, Other
CcSunSh1n3 GOLD, Toronto, Other
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All the reactions my twin sister and I have gotten in the past still carry on today. Friends are so amazed about the fact that we are twins. What’s the big deal? Although we are fraternal and not identical twins, teachers still get mixed up between us even though I follow different classes than my sister.
Brianna and I have opposite personalities. For example, she likes technology and I prefer reading and writing. There are a lot of things that differentiate us but we both have similar hobbies, from jewelry making to drawing. We are both very creative.
In elementary school, we had two pairs of twins in the same class. It was helpful to understand another twin’s perspective other than the one I live with. They understood the situation sometimes. They had developed an unbreakable friendship between each other and so have I with Brianna.
We are a family of five, my mom, my dad, my younger brother and my sister and I. When it comes to understanding, Brianna is always there for me and so are my parents. We can count on each other for support and whatnot. My little brother can be obnoxious sometimes and my parents can’t always play referee. We eventually sort things out fairly.
Now that we are older and are beginning to have a social life, having a twin is just as great as it was then. Brianna and I go to places together, even around school. It’s always good to let her know where I am in the school so she knows where to find me. It doesn’t bother me that she’s constantly around me though I enjoy her presence.
Brianna has her own friends and so do I. We are not the outgoing type but rather the quiet type. Our friends are different from us and spend their free time otherwise. We don’t seek attention and are happy by ourselves. We do interact with them if they want us to. It’s useful come exam time to study the same material that we both understand or help each other in comprehending homework.
My mom wishes she had a twin and so does my brother. I know that I am very lucky to have Brianna not only as a twin-sister but as a best-friend.

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