Gathering the Negatives at Little Caesars

June 7, 2009
By Eric Ramirez BRONZE, Inglewood, California
Eric Ramirez BRONZE, Inglewood, California
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I am a pretty quick eater. But not having to wait before getting my food makes me feel awkward and gives me a doubt on whether or not my food was well-cooked. It makes me wonder if it is fresh.

So when I saw a line outside of Little Caesars and found out that the people were all waiting for their food, I felt so much better. It was my first time going there and I felt good because finally my pizza would be made until I ordered it, at least that was what I thought.

Although I had seen a long line, I still needed to assure myself that the pizza was going to be tasteful. AS I waited in line, I pictured the dough being tossed up in the air and the pepperoni being applied onto the mozzarella cheese. I saw myself biting the tasty pizza. My mouth watered.

But what I had earlier envisioned was gone once I received my pizza. Instead, I got dough that tasted like cardboard. The cheese was plain and brought an unsatisfying feeling to my stomach. There were also sticks of Italian cheese bread, but they did not improve my satisfaction at all and neither did their sweet hot wings. The long line had mislead me to believing something that was not and in the end everything turned out to be a huge letdown.

The restaurant is not new to the city. It is located at 15226 between Hawthorne and Marine, in the city of Lawndale. It is located at a shopping center that is surrounded by large amounts of families that live around the area. I guess that the locations still in business because people happen to have no other choice but to go there since it is at a walking distance and is not expensive.

The pizza was made with a thick base of useless dough. The pepperoni was at an average taste level and the cheese did not give that cheesy taste either. The pizza was good looking, yet it had a lot of negatives that added up so at the first bite I had to put it down and walk away from it. Not only did I walk away from the tasteless pizza, but I walked away from the restaurant for good. With this experience I suggest that others do not waste their time and money by going there. It is misleading and unsatisfying.

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