BJ's Restaurant Review

June 6, 2009
By Alex Alvarado BRONZE, Lawndale, California
Alex Alvarado BRONZE, Lawndale, California
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Usually, when trying to find a place to eat, I go for fast food places. Fast food is my first choice because I do not like to sit and wait for my food to come out after taking 20 minutes on deciding what I want to eat. I love to eat on the go.
When I had visited BJ’s restaurant I didn’t expect much but a boring restaurant with a wait and descent food. On the contrary, it blew me away with the variety of choices I was able to make. If I felt like eating pasta they had it ready in no time, if I felt like eating a burger they had that as well. BJ’s restaurant had almost everything that complimented how I was feeling and what I desired. They had many extravagant appetizers and delicious entrées as well.
This restaurant is a new addition to the Del Amo mall. There is an unbelievable setting around the restaurant. This includes a theatre if you feel like watching a movie or coffee with a friend to relax and sit, maybe even some shopping if you’re feeling risky. It opened not too long ago but it is already kicking off with its friendly at home setting.

When my taste buds chose to take the adventure of a lifetime they wanted something extravagant and tasty so, I attacked the appetizers first. It was a pepperoni pizza, but not just any pizza; this pizza had a crust with a fluffy inside and a crunchy outside. It also had unbelievable cheese topped off with incredible sauce that had my taste buds jumping for joy. For my entrée I chose the chicken alfreado which included divine garlic bread. Already like an angle lifting into the sky, the pasta had sent me straight into heavens gates. It had superbly done chicken with soft, flavorful noodle.

The choices I had were like a beautifully arranged song and even though I did have to sit down and wait, not for too long, it was all worth it when I bit done into my outstanding food. BJ’s restaurant is definitely the most superb restaurant I have ever been to or even seen. My taste buds and patience gives it a high five.

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Does said...
on Jan. 10 2017 at 1:37 pm
* I mean jojo*

Hiii Siwa said...
on Jan. 10 2017 at 1:35 pm
You are right bbut fast food is unhealthy i don't say that you can't eat thembut it is better to wait some minutes for the good you are going to eat because you knowbetter what is insdide
Well done with your essay
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