The Feminist Stamp and Stampede

June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Feminism is an eternally changing, bending, and transforming idea and term all over the world. It tends to rise, fall, climax, and even disappear in rapid succession. Research has found that the term feminist is often associated with terms such as, “feminazi,” or “lesbian,” and so on. It is no wonder there are few men and women who identify themselves as feminists. The teenage generation, right now, has no call to be feminist. Janet McCabe, in her article, regarding the origin of feminism in teenagers, argues that people who are raised in an environment, or in a time where feminism was familiar or a prevalent topic, are more likely to identify as feminist. Equality among men and women is only possible if the teenage population has cause to be feminist. One could argue that feminism is on the decline. However, when examined more closely, it is apparent that feminism is not on the decline but in a momentary lapse. This paper will explore the variety of reasons for the lack of self-identifying feminists; teenage boys and girls. It is impossible to assume that boys and girls have the same motives for associating/disassociating with feminism because they are not the same. The more important question is why both genders resist the label of feminism. The term feminism, prejudices that follow the word, and the lack of the feminist calling, are responsible for hesitations that teenagers have in identifying as feminist.

The author's comments:
I wrote this introduction to a phantom paper that would further explore the reasons behind the lack of self identifying feminist teens.

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