Definition of Mother

May 29, 2009
By Juan Virella BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Juan Virella BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Who can you turn to when no one else cares? Who helps you when no one else will? Who is there to defend you when you have been wronged? No, it is far from your friends, not even your siblings, it is your mother. A mother is a person who protects you when you are vulnerable. Any woman can be a mom with the help of a man, but only selected women are able to call themselves mothers. It takes about three minutes to find out if a woman is pregnant, but it takes a lifetime to learn how to comfort, consol and love a child dear.
A mother is someone who goes to every one of your sporting events, although you never play. The one that is the first one in the stands to cheers you on and the last to disappear. She does not have to be asked to help the team; she does it because she loves you. She holds the cookout at her house after the big game. But it does not stop there; she awakes before the crack of dawn to cook you a hot breakfast before you begin your education. Oh no it is not cereal that she prepares, she slaves over the stove to cook bacon and eggs or cream-of-wheat; but do not be anxious if you awake too late to catch the bus. She says nothing; she puts on a smile and takes you to school before the first school bell sounds. And never fear, when that rain begins to pound on the rooftop like hammers diminishing a piece of metal; then the thunder roaring like a lion and the lighting brightening your entire house. Never fear your mother is near! You crawl into her bed, feel her comfort and embark on forgetting your troubles. When she is not home you smell her scent and you feel that everything will be fine.
As you embark on your journey of life and set off to college just remember that the supreme of all women has raised, protected and taught you. You will come to obstacles that will seem difficult and tiresome at times, but you will always triumph. When you feel that the end is near and your back is against the wall just remember never fear your mother is and always will be near!

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