Domestic Abuse

May 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Domestic Abuse
By Deonte Harris

Domestic abuse cases happen all over the world to women, men and even children. Domestic abuse is a pattern of control that someone exercises over another person. A lot of domestic abuse cases involve a man harming a woman. But, it also can be a woman harming a man. Childhood experiences can cause people to harm others. Some people can abuse other people just because they want to have that same power or control over someone that someone else had over them.
Anyone can be domestically abused. It can happen to stars, athletes, singers, rappers, anyone. For example, the Chris Brown and Rhianna case where Chris Brown beat Rhianna and caused her to be admitted to the hospital . As I stated in the first paragraph, some people abuse other people due to childhood experiences. Chris witnessed his mom being abused at a young age. When you’re that young and see someone constantly being harmed, you catch on to that, and it becomes your first instinct when you are angry. You see a lot of domestic abuse in movies. For example in, “What’s Love Got Go Do With It,” you see how Ike Turner would constantly beat on Tina Turner. In “The Color Purple,” you see how Ms. Celley would constantly get beat on by Mr. In “America,” you see how a teenage boy would constantly get beat on by his step dad. Many of the movies that have domestic abuse involved are mostly true. Domestic abuse is even in books like the “Freedom Writers Diary,” where you read about real teens writing about their lives and what they have been through. For example, one teen writes, “If you pull up my sleeves and look at my arms you see black and blue marks.”
Domestic abuse is a common source of anger that anyone can experience. As you can see, domestic abuse is all around us. People that have experienced abuse or witnessed abuse are more likely to be in an abusive relationship. We should take a stand by speaking out about domestic abuse.

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