May 22, 2009
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Charity is charity. The act of giving to charity is a wonderful expression of selflessness. Some give to charity completely of free will. Others might be a little farther motivated by some kind of small incentive or reward. All the donations of food, clothes or money all go to that charity anyway. Why does it matter if there is any inventible or not. In fact why not commend those teachers and those public television stations because if those incentives hadn’t been offered then the people who gave based on the reward wouldn’t have given at all.

Students in high school are at an impressionable age. If students develop the practice of giving to charity while they’re still young then that behavior or practice will stay with them the rest their life, and in hindsight improving society greatly.

The offering of rewards and incentives in order to motivate people to give to charity is no practice to condemn. In fact it is a practice that should be more thoroughly put to use throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Many of the Earth’s third world countries and less fortunate have survived on charitable organizations and donations. Why possibly disrupt a way of life that has worked so well?

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