Surviving at a New School

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Surviving at a New School

Each year at least one teenager has to begin their school year in a strange new school. This can sometimes be difficult when that teenager doesn’t know anyone. There have been many occasions where I, myself, have had to endure this. My dad was in the air force so we moved around a lot. I have been to seven different schools and lived in three different countries. With every move I made, I picked up little tricks and ideas that would help me adapt and do well at my new schools. These are very easy things and will help out any teen that has to move to a new school.

The first thing a teen should do when they arrive at their new school is find a map or someone who knows the place. And who knows, maybe the person you find could become your first new friend. Which leads to the second thing a teen should do: find friends that you feel comfortable with and can be yourself around. Don’t hang out with people just because their popular or know “the right people.” That can only get you so far. Another thing that will help teens in this situation is speak up. If you need help finding something or don’t know something in class because you didn’t learn it yet then ask for it. You’d be surprised how much help you’ll get when you just ask for it. The final trick that will help a teenager adapt and survive in a new school is to just be yourself. Don’t act how you think people want you to be. You’ll just spend the rest of your time at that school pretending.

These little tricks helped me out and they have made my educational experience a great one. I hope that they can do the same for someone else. And remember sometimes a new school can be the best thing for you.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to wite this piece by my creative writing teacher. She asked us to write a how to article, so I decided to write about suriving at a new school. I had been through it myself, so I thought it might help other kids who had to do it.

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