Waking up

May 21, 2009
By ethan h BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
ethan h BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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Waking Up

Why is the best thing that happens to most people every day not a pleasant experience? That experience is waking up. So many people wake up unpleased or grumpy, even though it is the best possible outcome from going to sleep that could happen. They woke up.

Waking up to a new day, is a time some people dislike. Some possible reasons for the unpleasantness could be the interruption of intense peacefulness, the ending of a good dream, the memories of work and responsibilities, all of which come with the gift of waking up. When people sleep time appears to stop with the loss of consciousness, its peaceful slumber that can only be ended in two ways. The last sleep, which is death, is one way sleeping ends. Most sleeps that are slept end with the waking up option. Instead of intense joy that people should wake up with, the negative and unpleasant sides shows up in way to many bedrooms. Waking up doesn’t anger people, they are upset they aren’t still sleeping. Sleep is safe and none hectic, peaceful intense. Being awake is very different with dangers and lives’ to do list that is ever-so-crossed-and-twisted people not knowing where to begin. But it begins every morning with waking up, and the disturbance of the peacefulness and the return to the real world leaves many so confused in the morning that the blames comes to waking up. Waking up doesn’t deserve the blame. Waking up is just part of sleeping, and with most agreeing that sleep is peaceful and good, waking up ends the cycle and starts the next of live the day, go to sleep, sleep, and wake up. Waking up seems to be an unfair trick of abruptly ending a good event but it must be done in order to live life. Life is lived through living and not through sleeping. Although sleep is intense peace it should not be the highlight of the day. The highlight should be the fact that life is possible today because of waking up and being allowed to continue life.

In the end waking up should be celebrated for what it is, the best part of the day. Waking up allows a person to live, and living is much better than the alternative of death. Waking up should be looked at the beginning of a new day and not an end to an event. The fact of being alive should bring more joy than the most peaceful sleep could ever bring to a person. Waking up allows the great gift of life to happen. People should love waking up. People of the world should make waking up a positive and great time of the day because it really is one.

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on Aug. 15 2009 at 5:37 am
JacintaT BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
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Your a genious. :) This is really good

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