The Childhood Flame that Too Often Dies

May 19, 2009
By Christopher Hilgert BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Christopher Hilgert BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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Curiosity, the purpose behind a question, is the engine driving all innovation, art, and thought. Curiosity is a creeping spider that crawls within the mind. The spider, enslaving the mind of its host, weaves a web of questions that cannot be broken until the questions have been answered. Curiosity has won. Bound towards a common purpose, the possessed mind and curiosity – the slave and the overseer – toil endlessly forward. In a mad rush, curiosity seizes absolute control over its host, forcing the body to neglect sleep and nourishment until the goal is reached. Then, as the efforts of the host and its parasite peak and the questions are answered, curiosity releases its slave…but only for a moment. Often, newfound knowledge only poses more questions, and before too long, the mind gives up its freedom – once again – to curiosity.

But curiosity is also a child’s playmate, a fickle friend, who engages the child in natural discoveries of joy and delight, yet seductively calls from the red-hot stove, scalding iron, and unprotected electrical outlet, preying upon innocence. Continuing into adolescence, curiosity pushes the limits by challenging the power of authority and extending the boundaries of knowledge and culture into adulthood. But for most, curiosity soon dwindles like a wildfire that has reached the bank of as river. People lose their natural curiosity as they become products of society; however, there remain some who refuse to be limited, vaulting across the river. These individuals are lifelong learners, researchers, and teachers who keep the flames of curiosity alive as they ravage and rejuvenate the forest of knowledge.

So what is inside the box, around the corner, beyond the horizon? Curiosity is the key to knowledge, discovery, and prosperity. Feeding the fire beyond childhood is not common and is often mistaken as immaturity, but there is no greater journey than following curiosity down the road to personal enlightenment.

The author's comments:
I hope the reader will gain a greater appreciation for the questions and curiosity that drive discovery and technology.

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